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The region of Dordogne, located in the South-west of France, may already attract 3 million visitors every year, including 14% North-American travellers, but the region’s promoters are now aiming for more, hoping to attract one million more visitors. So, they are relying on the Quebecois’ illustrious appetite and sense of delicacy to charm them. The Renoir restaurant at the Sofitel hotel will be serving gastronomic Périgourdin meals until Monday.

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Chemin de traverse

Loving wine, old stones and the land we tread.

The sole evocation of the word ‘Monbazillac’ rings many bells: it is wine, but also slope-grown vineyards, a remarkable chateau, and of course, the spirit of the winegrowers.

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Gault et Millau

The CIVRB (Interprofessional regional council of the wines of Bergerac) and the town hall of Sainte Alvere are awarding a trophy to the sacred tandem of perfectly matched dish and wine – not an easy matter.

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Decanter Magazine

Bergerac can produce reds of power and complexity but most still see it as a source of cheap and cheerful wines

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Le figaro

The caveman is from Quebec – short, stocky, clad in fake animal hide and shod in small cowboy boots – he grunt-greets the first visitors of the Lascaux III exhibition, at the Centre des Sciences of Montréal.

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The Oenophile’s School

If you wish to learn more about wine, the Maison des Vins in Bergerac offers wine-tasting and oenology classes.

In four two-hour sessions, you will receive an introduction to wine-tasting, helping you discern aromas in a fun way, with the help of an oenologist.

The wealth in tastes in Bergerac wines gives the possibility to explore all wine-tasting aromas and feels.

The next session of the Oenophile’s School will start on November 19, 2014.

The four sessions will take place on :

– November 19, 2014 at 6 pm.

– November 26, 2014 at 6 pm.

– December 3, 2014 at 6 pm.

– December 12, 2014 at 6 pm.

Price for the four sessions (each session is 2 hour long) : 90 € all taxes included.


If you wish to register, please contact:

Krystel Chanteur
Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de la Région de Bergerac
1, rue des Recollets-24100 BERGERAC
Tel :


Download the Oenophile’s School brochure

A guide for all best wines under €20 in Bergerac

The journalist Alexis Goujard from La revue des vins de France was in Bergerac on Wednesday 21 March 2014, and tried the the wines due to appear on the guide for all best wines under €20.

Bettane et Desseauve

On the week of April 8, 2014, the journalist Véronique Raisin from the Bettane et Desseauve guide came to taste and comment on 172 samples of wine and visited several estates of the area, so as to get to know our wines better.

The Arvinis wine fair in Switzerland

The Arvinis wine fair in Morges, Switzerland, is the opportunity for consumers of high-quality wine and passionate winegrowers to meet. Wine lovers can restock their cellar by ordering directly from the producers presenting their products.

This year, the wines of Bergerac were the guests of honour of Arvinis. Our winegrowers and consumers could meet at a pavilion decorated by Maison Chopard in a friendly and convivial atmosphere.

Seven Bergeracois estate owners were present, representing all 13 appellations:

Chateau Combrillac
Domaine de Grimardy
Domaine du Haut Pecharmant / Chateau le Tap
Chateau Monestier la Tour
Chateau Thénac
Chateau Trolliet-Lafitte
Vignoble des Verdots