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Who finances the interprofession?

The IVBD is financed by a parafiscal tax, set by the Finance Act.

An interprofessional contribution, or rather a compulsory voluntary levy, which we determine and implement after receiving the agreement from the supervisory ministries.

These taxes are collected on wine commercialisation movements.

Our financial grounds rely therefore on the amount of commercialised wine and not on harvested volumes.


What are the missions of the IVBD ?

The IVBD has several economical, technical and promotional missions:


How many winegrowers are there in the Bergerac area?

There are 800 winegrowers.


How many appellations are there in the Bergerac area?

There are 10 appellations.


Where does the information come from?

Information published on the website of the IVBD is provided and checked by by the IVBD itself.