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For each Bergerac wine: one dish!

Pairing up food and wine can sometimes turn out to be quite an ordeal!
Do not hesitate to be inventive, give free rein to your creativity and dare to pair up food and wine in a new way!

Red wines

From the friendly Bergerac Rouge to the rich Pécharmant, Côtes de Bergerac and Montravel, you’ve got plenty of choice! As for the Côtes de Duras, they offer a beautiful range of wines that can be shared with friends. Some of their wine domains even make high end cuvees.
Here are some tips for some effective and easy wine pairings: Bergerac Rouge go perfectly with a convivial snack with friends, a plate of ‘charcuterie’ or tapas, with a barbecue or even with cheese. Surprise you invitees by serving a Bergerac Rouge as an aperitif or at desert!
The prestigious wines of Pécharmant, Côtes de Bergerac and Montravel –richer and more structured– are excellent when served with dishes of character such as grilled or roasted meats, game or cheese.
On what concerns the Côtes de Duras, they are best paired with red meat, a ‘poule au pot’ or cheese. You can also serve it with white meat or ‘charcuterie’ while it’s still young.
Anyway, we can only advise you to try the Perigordian cuisine: duck breasts with sautéed potatoes or duck confit and ceps are excellent! You can also follow your heart and let yourself be tempted by a chocolate dessert!


When should they be served?

At a dinner party, an improvised soirée with friends, a last minute meal, why wait? Bergerac wines can be served at all occasions!

Bergerac Rouge wines should be drunk young, what with their expressive character and crunchy red fruit flavours – do not hesitate to chill them a little in summer. They are perfect as an aperitive drink, or served with a barbecue, cheese platters and desserts.

Higher class red wines such as Pécharmant, Côtes de Bergerac and Montravel are more tannic, and they will pair up wonderfully with red meat, game, grilled meats, cep mushrooms and cheese. These great wines are perfectly suited to a dinner party with friends

White wines

How do you make head or tail of dry white wines, lightly sweet white wines (moelleux) and very sweet white wines (liquoreux)?
The tree appellations of Montravel, Bergerac and Duras produce fresh dry white wines, perfect for a day out to the seaside or as an aperitif with friends. They should be drunk chilled and pair up perfectly with fish and seafood. Their liveliness is wonderful when paired up with the salty pungency of oysters, grilled fish and seafood platters. You can also pair them with white meats and gravy or a tasty goat cheese.
Moëlleux white wines are produced on the appellations of Côtes de Duras, Côtes de Bergerac, Côtes de Montravel, and Rosette. A bunch of friends, summer sunshine, cocktail drinks are all the conditions needed for serving these wines as an apéritif. They are also perfectly paired with dessert or exotic food!
Finally, the liquoreux of Monbazillac and Saussignac are best served as an aperitif, with a dessert or with foie gras, but also… with Indian cuisine or blue veined cheese such as Roquefort, Stilton or Fourme!

Rosé wines

Red wine, white wine, and finally rosé wine… you will certainly find what you are looking for with Bergerac!

Bergerac rosé wine is ideally served as day-time wine, with a barbecue or a buffet evening party in summer. Delightfully refreshing aromas of strawberry and raspberry flavour these superb rosé wines.