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Hints and tips for serving wine correctly

L'examen gustatif

Hints and tips

1.  Knowing that wine warms up very quickly in a glass, it is better to serve it a little too chilled rather than not.

2.  For stylish service: a foil cutter, a corkscrew equipped with a long enough ferrule and resting notch, and a drop stopper – you’ve got the lot! By the way, remember to serve wine from the right!

3.  Before serving your guests, always pour a drop for yourself and taste it, so as to avoid serving corked wine.

Serving red wine

  • Light and fruity wines require coolness (1 or 2 hours in the refrigerator before opening), whereas more robust, tannic wines can be served at a warmer temperature (allow to slowly warm up to about 18°C).
  • Open the bottle 10 to 15 minutes before serving, so that the wine can be aired, but do not do this with aged wine.

Serving white or rosé wine

  • dry white: serve between 7 and 9°C.
  • sweet and rosé wines: serve between 8 and 10°C.

Choose the right glasses!

Ideally, your glasses should have stems, and a bowl larger at the base than at the opening, so as to air the wine but also capture the aromas. It is not impossible, however, to have fun creating a nice table design – drinking rosé Bergerac out of a tapas glass is fun!

Always place a water glass on the table for each guest. Why not use opaque black glasses? They will highlight your table decoration and make it fun for your guests to try and differentiate white from red. Your friends will be amazed!

Glasses should only ever be filled to a third (half-way at most): wine needs room for the aromas to be freed.

Serving wine in the right order

There is an order of service for wine, as the first wine must not crush the next:

  • white or rosé before red
  • light wine before robust
  • young before old
  • sweet after dry
  • always serve wine in ascending order of quality