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At the heart of the South-west quarter of France, east of Bordeaux, the ‘Bergerac-Duras’ wine area is located on both sides of the Dordogne river and spreads over the Lot-et-Garonne. An idyllic place where nature expresses itself freely, Bergerac-Duras boasts a convivial and relaxed way of life: a dream for inspired winegrowers…

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Tasty and regional wines: there’s an option for everyone!

Identical landscapes and terroirs, an equal philosophy and shared values: the Bergerac and Duras wine areas are similar in many points. Not to mention that the region is full of prestigious historical testimonies (castles, “chartreuses”, manors, “bastides” and abbeys) that lay in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

Our vineyards – jewels of the South West of France – are surrounded by environmental and architectural treasures. From the hillsides of Pécharmant and Rosette which overlook the valley, to the South with the majestic Château de Monbazillac and its famous “Côte Nord” that follows the Dordogne river. To the West, beyond the hillsides of Saussignac – another gem of “liquoreux” (very sweet wine) –, you will have the opportunity to taste the wines of Montravel, where Montaigne still watches over a vineyard full of wisdom and philosophy…
In Duras, the Château des Ducs towers over the hills bordering the Bergerac wine area.

On this noble land that has always been hard to conquer, generations proudly defended the culture, the knowledge and the unique lifestyle that represent the Périgord Agenais. The story of the winegrowers of Bergerac and Duras is dictated by their hard work and a determination that’s committed to quality and passion.

In the vineyards of Bergerac and Duras, the terroir is in the spotlight. Piece of countryside, part of nature, portion of land, limestone and flint: our rawness comes from there, made of respect. The hand of man and the art of our winegrowers make our terroir shine – refining and polishing it with a lot of time, sometimes with wood and always with care – transforming it into the wines or Bergerac-Duras.

Generous like Gascony, our vineyard has no less than 17 different appellations and its range of wines comes in all five colours. Discover the story of the wines of Bergerac-Duras, from the birth of the vineyards during the Gallo-Roman times to today.

Introducing our winegrowers

The history

Learn about the history of Bergerac wine, from its creation in 281 A.D. to now.

This wine area has been of major importance since the appearance of the Gallo-Roman civilisation.

The history of Bergerac unveiled

Our vineyard

Nature expressing itself to the full…and with style!

Rows of vines on hillsides, clearings and groves are the setting for pretty Périgord homes. Here nature expresses itself to the full and doesn’t hold back on style…just like the wines from our 9 appellations! Add the Dordogne River which connects us to our prestigious neighbours upstream in Périgord Noir and Sarlat, and downstream in Saint-Emilion and there you have it… For over 2,000 years, Bergerac wines have delighted the Gauls and Romans, reconciled the kings of France and England and even inspired Cyrano. Bergerac: a fabulous personality forged over centuries, to be discovered today!

Bergerac: a gentle lifestyle and a warm welcome

A stroll through a Bergerac market bursting with local products of the highest quality (foie gras, strawberries, goat’s cheeses, Périgord walnuts and more) will be enough to convince you: Bergerac is all about the lifestyle and warm welcome! Still not convinced? Hope on a bike and cycle around the hillsides of Monbazillac, Saussignac and Pécharmant, enjoy a dreamy promenade in the gardens of Sardy and the Tour de Montaigne in Montravel and you’ll be hooked.

A heavenly landscape for inspired vintners

How could you not be inspired by such surroundings and such a gentle climate? Here more than anywhere else, wine-makers are motivated and passionate about “making the earth speak” beautifully. We have 900 vintners cultivating 12,000 hectares of vines producing 9 appellations and 5 different wines: red, rosé, dry white, sweet white and dessert wine. This diversity is the perfect reflection of our Gascony generosity! A whole world of wines to discover today…