Maison des Vins de Duras

Maison des Vins de Duras takes visitors on a sensational (in every sense of the word) adventure exploring the vineyard on the edge of the village and its fabulous Château!

Dive into the world of wine!

Maison des Vins brings you a guided tasting experience sampling several wine options. The shop sells 96 options (red, dry white, sweet and rosé) from 25 wineries and châteaux in the Côtes de Duras designation.

It also provides a free, permanent game-changing introductory experience for all ages called “Les Clés du vignoble*”. The introductory trail in the vine garden is designed by the designation’s winemakers!

Take your first steps in the Duras vineyard and soak up these artisans’ wine and expertise!



130 route du Stade
47120 DURAS


Tél : 05 53 94 13 48

Shop opening times:

10am-1pm and 2.30pm-9pm. The grounds are open to visitors all year round with a picnic area. 

Closed on Tuesday and Sunday