The interprofession

Interprofession of Bergerac and Duras Wines


The IVBD was founded by wine merchant and vine grower families on November 3rd 2014 after the merger between the CIVRB (Interprofessional Bergerac Region Wine Council 1953-2014) and CID (Interprofessional Duras Wine Council 1985-2014).

Interprofessions are private state-approved bodies uniting partners throughout the industry. The wine industry’s two representative groups are viticulture and trade.

The following principles must be respected in interprofessional life:

  • Representativity: public authorities provide representativity for each professional body in the industry.
  • Parity: the balance between representative colleges determines equal behaviour.
  • Unanimity: decision-making at key moments of interprofessional life is always unanimous.


The IVBD oversees the following missions:

  • Promotion: 75% of its overall budget. Celebrating and promoting local AOC wines in their markets with collective marketing and consumer information campaigns.
  • Business: Organising and streamlining current business methods and relationships. Understanding of supply and demand. Adaptation and standardisation of supply. State-approved implementation of current regulations. Market transparency through collecting data and drawing up and publishing statistics.
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  • Technique: product standards. Establishing technical standards and applied R&D projects. Conducting research work and trials on products at different stages of production to meet quality, health and environment requirements.

Cooperation, an asset for transition.

The IVBD is the beating heart of the area and shares the same values as the people who live and work here.

The IVBD got involved in the industry’s transition in 2019 by launching a Local Innovation Laboratory as part of the regional VitiRev project. he IVBD and Coop’action joined forces to launch Fab’coop in 2021 to encourage cooperative projects to help the area’s transition.

Aucun de nous, en agissant seul, ne peut atteindre le succès.


The IVBD is a private establishment without the privileges of public law. It is funded by compulsory voluntary subscriptions that we set out and apply subject to the agreement of supervisory ministries. These taxes are collected on wine sales transactions. Our finances are based on the volume of wine on the market and not the volume of the harvest.